Aerialist, Sword Swallower

Colleen Marie, or V.Lvet as she is known on the stage as, is a professional aerialist who has been teaching, directing, producing and performing circus arts internationally for the last six years. Her abilities in the air have been complimented by the diversity of the locations in which she has worked. This has resulted in her having a dynamic style of aerial that will captivate you.

Most recently, V.Lvet has founded Cirque de Lucid and Lucid Aerial Arts, companies that facilitate the learning, performing and growing of circus arts.


Handstand, Contortion, Hula Hoop, Handstand with Contemporary Dance

Joselyn is a Mexican circus performer with 13 years of experience. Her primary skills are in the areas of contortion, hula hoop with equilibrium and acrobatic movement, handstands, and hand to hand. Joselyn has taken traineeship in circus schools in France and Belgium. She has taught and performed in Mexico, Costa Rica and Europe, as an independent artist.

Marley Skye

Handstand, Hand to Hand, Aerialist

Marley Skye is a freelance Canadian circus artist who works with multiple circus companies in Canada and internationally including Cirque du Soleil Events. He also is a director of Circus3, a Vancouver based non-profit circus company, and is the founder of Acro Caribbean, and Sweet & Salty Burlesque. Marley is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in hand to hand, aerial dance, and duo acro dance.

Christopher Torres

Cyr Wheel

Christopher Torres is a circus artist with more than 10 years of experience. He specializes in German Wheel, Cyr Wheel, Diabolo and Bian Lian. He is capable of presenting a show with a variety of performances in conventional and unconventional stages, at venues for all kinds of audiences.

Shiney D

Juggling, Physical Theater, Clowning, Fire, Object Manipulation

Shiney D is a professional circus entertainer, street performer and life enthusiast soaring on golden wings all the way from Vancouver to Canada. Born to play, destined to shine!

Julieta Cambiasso

Aerial, German Wheel

Julieta started her career in 2004, in Argentina, where she trained fabric, trapeze and aerial hoop. Later on, she started training German Wheel and rope. In 2014 and 2015, she spent one year training at the New England Center for Circus Arts, in Vermont, and at the US Gym Wheel Federation, in Chicago. She has been travelling since 2014 and training with different artists from Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Canada and the US. In 2018, she completed the ENC Circus Instructor Certification.

Ahlee Dee

Fire Goodness, Indo Board Balancer, Hula Hooper

Ahlee Dee, or Alexandra con Fuego is a multidisciplinary circus artist and fire genie conjured from the depths of the collective imagination. Beginning her career as a busking rolla bolla artist, Ahlee quickly gained international attention with her unique acts becoming a sponsored rider for Indo Board Balance Trainers in 2014.

Soon after becoming sponsored and debuting her US Indo Tour, she began producing fire shows and speciality entertainment for festivals and events across the US. She has worked with such events like Okeechobee in FL, Envision in Costa Rica and for companies like NYC’s Brooklyn Proposition, Fluxion Entertainment and Cancún’s Noosefera. She continues to produce events and event entertainment in the Quintana Roo area and highlights bringing in local entertainment to increase the job opportunities and payrate for Mexican Artists.

Laura Calfuquir

Hair Hanging, Contortion, Handstands

Laura Gisela Calfuquir studied Body Expression Dance at the Isabel Taboga National Institute of Dance in Rosario, Argentina while also completing a multidisciplinary degree at the EMAU Circus School of Urban Arts. She was later selected for the Professional Program in Circus Arts at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro. She specialized in hand to hand, group acrobatics, handstands and contortion.  

During these years, she also complemented her training with many international coaches including Olga Aidarkina from Russia, and Tom Proneur and Pascal from France and Daniel Liddiard from the UK, and Roberto Margo from Italy, among many others.

Laura has been teaching handbalancing, contortion, stretching, and body awareness alignment internationally for seven years at different institutions in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, England, Thailand and Mexico. She also offers personalized online courses to students around the world.

Since 2012 she has been working as a circus artist performing handstands, contortion, contemporary dance and hand to hand in multiple international circus and dance companies and projects, performing at events, festivals, and conventions.


Hula Hoop, Fire Spinning

Lilianna has been crafting her fire skills for 6 years and has performed at numerous festivals in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. She was an organizer for the Hanoi Fire Collective in Vietnam, who performed at local events, parties and ceremonies. She is an educator, learner and community builder who hosted weekly jam nights for artists and taught flow workshops to children. She is excited to share her passion for fire performance with all of you!

Alinea Boheme

Fire Performer, Burlesque 

Alinea Boheme is an performance artist from Houston, Texas. She has been training with props for six years. With her favorite being Russian fans. She is especially proficient at hula hooping as well. Her mantra is “to live with a euphoric existence”. Her goal in life is to not only be inspired but TO inspire.

Lyla McCrum

Dragonstaff, Belly Dance with Scimitar Sword, Hula Hoop, Fire Flow, Dance

Lyla is a fiery, passionate, dancer and has been active in the flow community for several years. Lyla is a Tahoe flow babe. Last Burning man her Tahoe crew had the honor to perform as a Burning man conclave and custom made a 17 foot fire phoenix. She is a natural born fire dancer and always has loved flow arts. When Lyla was young, she used dance as a meditative practice. . She showcases her art through performances as well as resin art and many other studio arts. She can dance with every fire toy, just put it in her hand and she will flow. Circus is her game and Lyla is her name.

Eli Pozez

Fire Flow, Dance, Photography/Cinematography, Singing

Eli Pozez is a modern day renaissance man whether it be from his love for photography all the way to his knowledge about astrophysics or his capability in all the studio arts. Eli is a natural born fire dancer. His big smile and theatrical enchantment captivates the audience from his passion in hip hop dance as well as swing and latin influenced movements which help him embody the beautiful fire dancer that he is. His free loving and fun character can make any prop look magical. Let him entrance you.


Makeup design, Aerialist

Kimberly is an aerialist, makeup artist and massage therapist originally from Toronto, Canada. She studied at Blush School of Makeup in San Francisco and worked in the film & television industry, special events and weddings for 5 years. She recently ran away to Tulum after completing a 2 year massage therapy course. She loves to use makeup as an art form to transform, empower and express

Amrit Echeverria

Aerial Arts, Fire Flow, Dance, Acrobatics

Amrit is a Mexican Artist born in Gdl. She is a passionate tribal and Arabic dance dancer and loves to combine different dance styles. Her specialty is the aerial spiral and as well aerial hoop. To experiment with different hypnotic devices brings her joy. Amrit’s curious and open soul loves to travel and exchange and share ideas and especially art with people who have the same passion. Her greatest therapy is to play around with various shapes of acro dance and partner acrobatics.