About Us

Our Mission

Lucid’s mission is to make learning aerial accessible for all. Our studio runs on the foundation of inclusion. No matter your gender, age, or background, YOU are a welcomed part of our community.

Ahau in Tulum Mexico

Our Studio

Lucid is housed at the luxuriously rustic beach resort, Ahau. Explore the skies and appreciate the ocean from our second story loft directly on the sand.

Our Founder

Colleen Marie is a professional aerialist who has been teaching and performing internationally for the last eight years. Her abilities in the air have been complimented by the diversity of her students and the locations in which she teaches. This has resulted in a teaching style that is welcoming to all, adaptable to a range of skill sets and always playful!

Our Instructors

Renee Guay

Aerial Arts is a passion Renee holds sacred as it combines her love of climbing, yoga and dance into one. She’s been teaching and performing for seven years and loves inspiring others to build the confidence, strength and grace on the earth and in the air. Renee completed aerial silks training through Align Aerial & Yoga in Lake Tahoe, California and has a beautiful way of making her students feel safe, encouraged and empowered to shine their light through this art form. She has performed for corporate events, private parties and epic festivals on big stages. Whether you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new or you have a goal of performing, Renee has the innate ability to teach and inspire others to activate their inner radiance and express their own unique creative flow with proper alignment and technique.

Geohanna Vivanco

Geohanna Vivanco a circus artist from Chile. Coming from a childhood of cheerleading and gymnastics, Geo’s fate to become a circus performer was written in the stars. In college she studied kinesiology to gain a better understanding of the body. Merging her past studies, she finally entered the colorful world of circus arts 10 years ago. Her career started with aerial silks, aerial hoop and hair hanging. Since that time she has traveled around the world; teaching and performing in many different settings and styles.


Shannon is an enthusiastic, driven educator and continuous learner. Aerial arts stole her heart and has become her life. She began her aerial journey taking silk classes in Costa Rica in 2019. Over the following years, Shannon sought her passions while traveling and learning how to express herself through movement on other apparatuses along with the silks (including lyra, trapeze, cube, and straps) from various instructors throughout Costa Rica, the United States, and Mexico. She has performed for numerous social gatherings, including private parties, corporate events, club and bar entertainment, and more. She loves to connect with others through movement by partaking in acroyoga, dance, and aerial duos. Aerial arts have taught Shannon to trust and love herself more. It has given her the opportunity to connect to other artistic humans and she deeply wants to share her knowledge and energy with the world! Shannon has been honored to share her love for the aerial arts teaching classes at Legend Athletics in Pennsylvania and Forever Dance in Nevada. Her goal is to create a safe inclusive environment for her students to feel free and comfortable to express themselves through movement. She is currently furthering her education in aerial arts and movement while residing in Playa del Carmen and teaching aerial silk classes at Lucid Aerial Arts located in Ahua in Tulum, Mexico.