What should I wear?

Silks have the ability to burn your skin if it is not protected by clothing. Athletic wear that covers a majority of your body will be best for burn prevention. Therefore leggings are preferred, but if you’ve only traveled with shorts we can make do! A comfortable top that covers your mid-range will also be most comfortable for your aerial experience. Zippers will not be permitted on the fabric as they often cause holes in the silks. All jewelry must be removed to protect both you and the fabric.

Can we take photos during the class?

Yes, yes, absolutely yes! Photos and videos are very welcomed during our lessons. Videos can be a very useful tool in remembering wraps and sequences.

Do your classes have age limits?

Yes. Our adult classes are aged 18+. Youth classes are from ages 6-17. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you notify the studio 24 hours ahead of your class, you will receive a full credited refund for your lesson or a bank refund minus the service charge.

Attempts to cancel within the 24 hour window will not result in a refund.

I have no upper body strength, will I be able to take class?

Yes! You aren’t expected to meet any strength prerequisites to attend an aerial class. This is a space of inclusion. All you need is enthusiasm for the art. We’ll handle the rest together.

Is there a weight limit for the silks?

There is no weight limit for aerial silks. Students may learn at whatever pace feels most comfortable and modifications can be made on moves to facilitate beautiful bodies of all sizes!

Are day of drop in’s allowed?

Depends on the day! Some of our classes are by RSVP only, meaning if no one has signed up for the class by the evening before, it will likely be cancelled that day. Please refer to our weekly schedule for more information!

As for non-RSVP classes, assuming there is space available in the class, drop-ins are welcome. Priority will go to students who have signed up before the class. To ensure everyone is getting the most out of their lesson, classes have a cap.

Are we allowed to have our significant other or friends watch?

Lucid is devoted to creating a safe space for our students to feel comfortable during their practice. Ensuring we do so, our students’ privacy is a priority to us. Generally speaking, we do not permit spectators. If consent is provided by all students in the class, consideration will be taken.

Do class packs expire?

Our packages expire after 3 months. If your packages have expired, not to worry! We offer an extension pack for $15. This will extend any expired packages by 30 additional days!