Aerial Healing Retreat

Aerial Healing Retreat

Come back to your true self

The Healing Aerial Retreat has been designed to help you reconnect to your senses, to the beautiful nature and who you really are, so we thought that the Mexican/Mayan culture felt like the right environment to be able to achieve that! Falling back in love we who we really are, as when you were a child, we were not looking for result, we were looking in enjoying every moment… By being present, everything becomes suddenly effortless and, with the right teacher, Hanne Coeckelberghs, you’ll be able to achieve a lot more easily advanced tricks and sequences.

Aerial Classes with Hanne_coeck

Hanne Coeckelberghs will be teaching more than 15 hours of aerials to each group, so you'll have the chance to learn a lot of new things in aerials. There is going to be aerial silks focused on dynamics, roll ups, wheel down and even some straps.

Get your sleep in Mayans bungalows

Located 1 minute from the beach, Co.Bañitas is an eco hotel designed according to the tradition of Tulum. Being nested around palm and coconut trees, the propriety was built to help people reconnect with themselves and be more grounded in the now.