Aerial Silks Workshop

Aerial Silks Workshop

An advanced aerial silks workshop

March 18th & 19th

2pm - 5pm

Aerial Silks Workshop

In this 6 hours workshop with Hanne, we will mainly take a different approach in the silks as usual, we will focus on dynamics, quick windmills, straps skills and hip roll ups.

The workshop is accessable for both people who don't have experience in dynamics, but who do at least one year of aerial silks, and for advanced aerialists.

This workshop is available in English and be purchased as a one or two day workshop series.

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Enjoy this workshop beachside at Lucid Aerial Arts
Aerial Acrobatics Studio

About your Instructor

Hanne Coeck is doing aerial silks since she was 12 years old in 2009, it quickly became her passion and in 2015 she went to The Academy for Circus and Performance Arts in The Netherlands where she graduated from in 2019. Here she started to work on a style in silks which is different from the usual. She started to integrate straps and rope skills in the silks, and started to invent her own things.
Instructor for aerial silks workshop in tulum

Please email for any questions or curiosities!