Lyra Materclass

Lyra Masterclass

An intermediate/advanced lyra workshop

Friday, March 3rd - 2pm-5pm

Lyra Masterclass

In this intermediate/advanced lyra masterclass we’ll explore a variety of skills and shapes, piecing together the web of material to create a beautiful sequence. The session includes a contortion style warm up and accompanying drills.

The masterclass is capped at 8 students.

Your aerial home!

Enjoy this workshop beachside at Lucid Aerial Arts
Aerial Acrobatics Studio

About your Instructor

Colleen Marie is a professional aerialist who has been teaching and performing internationally for the last ten years. Her abilities in the air have been complimented by the diversity of her students and the locations in which she teaches. This has resulted in a teaching style that is welcoming to all, adaptable to a range of skill sets and always playful!
Colleen currently owns Lucid Aerial Arts where she teaches all levels silk classes Tuesdays - Thursdays.

Please email for any questions or curiosities!