Rope Workshop

Roped In - Cuerda Lisa

A beginner/intermediate rope workshop

February 4th, 2pm - 4pm

Roped In - Cuerda Lisa‚Äč

In this beginner/intermediate level workshop. We will explore basic climbing techniques, beat exercises, as well as, flares and tricks.

The goal will be to create a short sequence, putting together the moves learned in class.

This workshop is available in English and Spanish

Your aerial home!

Enjoy this workshop beachside at Lucid Aerial Arts
Aerial Acrobatics Studio

About your Instructor

Jorge is an aerial artist from Monterrey, Mexico. He started his aerial/circus journey 13 years ago in Seattle, where he tried and learned several practices throughout the years. Rope has become his main apparatus.
Jorge has performed in several shows, festivals and cabarets such as Acrobatic Conundrum, Envision Festival and Paradiso Festival. Jorge is also a traveling videographer and photographer with a passion to capture the beauty of performing arts and nature.

Please email for any questions or curiosities!